Shaping an Example of Freight Carbon Reduction Through Digitalization, FOR-U Smart Freight Named on

On December 28, the First ESG Annual Innovation Experiment List, organized by WallstreetCN and co-organized by Ernst & Young, was announced. FOR-U Smart Freight’s “Road Transportation Smart Carbon Reduction Practice Project” was selected in the review, being the only ESG practice project from the road transportation sector on the list.

The First ESG Annual Innovation Experiment List aims to find pioneering ESG pioneer companies that solve specific problems, create ESG examples of companies with high-quality development, and lead more companies to develop sustainably. The organizers invited experts, leaders, and media people in the ESG field to form a judges’ panel for a fair and transparent review with more than 5,000 users. It took two months to select 20 ESG cases.

The judges’ panel believes that FOR-U Smart Freight has broken through the traditional logistics model by utilizing big data and AI technology, promoted cost reduction and efficiency improvement of road freight, and created a high-quality carbon emission reduction example for digital shipping platforms. The list also includes representative projects in various fields, such as Tencent, Ping An Bank, CICC, Sinochem, Lenovo, LONGi Green Energy, Midea Group, and SenseTime, covering the areas of environmental protection, social responsibility, corporate governance, and green finance. All of them reflect advanced concepts of sustainale development.

Source: WallstreetCN

Carbon emission reduction in transportation has always been a problem plaguing the world, and road transportation accounts for more than 80% of total carbon emissions in the transportation industry, making it a key area for emission reduction. In recent years, as a representative enterprise of technological logistics, FOR-U Smart Freight has been committed to systematically promoting carbon emission reduction by technological empowerment, focusing on green and low-carbon strategy, and strengthening transportation efficiency and new energy capacity penetration.

With the combination of AI technology and big data, the FOR-U Smart Freight platform has a freight on-time rate of 95.2%, and the vehicle empty-loaded rate has decreased from the industry average of 45% to 6.6%, pioneering in cost reduction and efficiency improvement in the road freight field. At the same time, the company accelerated the layout of new energy capacity, gradually increasing the utilization rate and penetration rate of new energy freights represented by gas-electric hybrid freights. FOR-U Smart Freight reduced 908,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions in 2021 and is expected to reduce emissions by 8,211,200 tons during the 14th Five-Year Plan period.