Two Years in a Row! FOR-U Smart Freight Named on Global Unicorn Index by Hurun Research Institute

On August 30, the Hurun Research Institute released its Global Unicorn Index 2022 Half-Year Report, a list of unlisted companies founded after 2000 that are now worth more than $1 billion. Ranked on the list was FOR-U Smart Freight, the only trunk line logistics technology enterprise from mainland China to make the list. It is the second consecutive year FOR-U Smart Freight has been selected for the Global Unicorn Index after being named on the list in 2021.

The list shows that as of June 30, 2022, there were 1,312 unicorns in 48 countries and 259 cities worldwide, including 312 unicorns in China. Most of these companies come from the most keenly invested fields by capital worldwide, including financial technology, biotechnology, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, health technology, and logistics fields.

Hu Run, Chairman of Hurun Report, said, “Our Global Unicorn Index aims to find the most successful startups in the world, and we hope this list will help young entrepreneurs find role models for their businesses and help them understand what the world’s most successful startups are doing.”

Unicorn companies are characterized by high growth, innovativeness, and development potential. They are an important force leading industrial change in the new economic track. As a technological logistics platform focused on FTL transportation, FOR-U Smart Freight is the first platform to apply AI technology to the FTL (full truckload) transportation transaction market and the only platform in the industry capable of second-level pricing for long-haul FTL freight, changing the traditional road transportation model and drastically reducing the logistics and transportation costs for enterprises.

Based on the “intelligent + logistics” model, the technology-empowered FOR-U Smart Freight has independently developed a smart middle platform, FOR-U Brain, with AI, big data, and other technologies. The platform incorporates machine learning algorithms, operational optimization, and big data computing capabilities, including three systems of intelligent pricing, order distribution, and services, offering upstream and downstream participants whole-process closed-loop transaction services, including inquiry, shipping, delivery, and settlement to accurately, safely, and efficiently deliver every cargo to clients, thus improving the efficiency of the industry.

With its high growth and excellent technology innovation ability and as it leads the new trend of digitalization in road transportation, FOR-U Smart Freight has been named a unicorn several times in the past two years. In April last year, FOR-U Smart Freight ranked among the 2021 Chinese Unicorns released by Greatwall Strategy Consultants. In December of the same year, it was named on the Global Unicorn Index 2021 by Hurun Research Institute. In July this year, Fortune released the 2022 list of Most Socially Influential Startups in China, and FOR-U Smart Freight became the only technological logistics company on the list.

In addition to releasing the unicorn index, Hurun Research Institute also released the Top 100 Global Unicorn Investment Institutions 2022 Half-year Report and the Top 30 Hurun Chinese Unicorn Investment Institutions 2022 Half-year Report at the same time. Among them, the institutional shareholders of FOR-U Smart Freight, including Matrix Partners China, Legend Capital, and Eastern bell Capital, made it to Hurun Research Institute’s Top 30 Hurun Chinese Unicorn Investment Institutions 2022 Half-year Report.