FOR-U Smart Freight x OSRAM for Earth Hour – Save a Light for Those on the Road


Turn off the lights.

The Earth witnessed an hour of darkness today.

It was an hour for us to return to essentials.

At that moment, we all shared the same responsibility.

Yet, there are always lights in the distance, dim like neon signs.

Lights that shine bright at night to safeguard the brighter side of living.

They are lit by the truck drivers, on the road

from night until dawn or day until starry night.

Carrying the light, the trucks keep moving.

They usher in the light of the future.

They are called “nomads on wheels,” their vehicles their homes.

They travel along freeways until they reach their destination, brightening city life for all.

They guard the light of hope.

They are “the invisible” of our times, though they are the bravest souls.

They rush fearlessly to the front line of the pandemic, protecting us with the purest of hearts.

They ignite the light of life.

They are honest and hard-working, yet may be regarded as being marginalized in our society.

Even though their professional honor may sometimes be overlooked, they still have our every respect.

We Care for the “Light of the Road”

In China, there are 20 million truck drivers,

hauling nearly 80% of the country’s total logistics and transportation freight volume.

They are the main force of the road transport industry.

These “lights on the road” are those who bring us hope

and light up our road to happiness.

To thank our guardians who toil day and night.

We saved a light for the those on the road.

FOR-U Smart Freight has partnered with OSRAM

to give 60 sets of OSRAM 24V LED truck lights to truck drivers.

Five sets will be given out via the FOR-U Smart Freight official WeChat Public and Weibo channels.

and 50 sets on the FOR-U Smart Freight driver app.