FOR-U Smart Freight: A New Beginning on an Open Road

FOR-U SMART FREIGHT is pleased to announce the completion of its brand upgrade. From today, FORU Trucking shall now be known as FOR-U SMART FREIGHT, and be driven by a mission to make road freight transportation simpler and smarter.

Any previous brand instances of FORU Trucking, such as the former logo, shall no longer be used. In the new FOR-U logo, the dark azure background represents technology, future, and hope for a better world, foundational principles that we strive to work toward. Technology is the business of change, yet it is important to affect change with sincerity, an eye for equality, and the remembrance that we are all in this great big world together.

We have implemented the brand upgrade across all levels of the app. Our office areas across China have also been refurbished with our new logo.

No matter if driven by our previous mission of “accelerating freight transportation in China,” or our new mission of “make road freight transportation simpler and smarter,” FOR-U remains, as ever, committed to innovating and evolving the freight industry through the power of technology.